Fast growing trees: The superior land use system to maximize CO2 mitigation and environmental benefits

    Two thirds of all renewable energy in Europe is based on biomass of which roughly 80% is wood. Thus energy value-chains that are based on woody biomass will face the largest absolute growth in the coming years. In the heat and transport fuel market, there are hardly any alternatives - and in respect to peak and base load electricity biomass is indispensable.

    Short rotation coppice (SRC) based bioenergy value chains for electricity and heat production enable much higher CO2 savings in comparison to traditional energy crops.

    At the same time CO2 mitigation costs are only a fraction compared to biofuels from rapeseed, corn or biogas from maize silage. If natural gas or fuel oil for heating purposes is replaced by wood from biomass plantations economic viability is usually achieved even without any subsidies.


    Besides its excellent climate balance short rotation plantations also offer substantial additional environmental benefits. more...