Company Profile

    Lignovis designs and implements agroforestry projects with fast growing trees for farmers, wood consumers and investors in Europe. We have many years of experience in supplying raw materials to industrial biomass consumers and in the entire agricultural wood value chain.

    Our goal is to use fast-growing tree species to create a climate-friendly raw material base for an age without fossil CO2 emissions and to maximize the many positive side effects for soil, water and biodiversity of such agricultural sytems.

    In every project, we aim to achieve the best results while minimizing the use of chemical pesticides or, if possible, doing without them entirely.

    By 2022, Lignovis had planted around 25 million poplars and willows on more than 4,000 hectares in Germany and eight EU countries, mostly using planting material produced in our own nurseries. In addition to manufacturing special machinery for efficient tree planting, Lignovis has also optimized special technology for weed control in agricultural wood plantations.

    On our own tree nurseries Lignovis produces high-quality poplar planting material for up to 10 million trees a year. We test various breeds, management methods and technologies on our own short rotations coppice plantations and agroforestry systems. Here we also produce wood chips for heating plants and the wood-based materials industry (e.g. particle board, flooring, etc).

    Lignovis works closely with universities, colleges and research institutes in order to continuously develop and optimize the special technologies and cultivation methods used. We implement these findings in demonstration fields at scale on partnering farms in order to create hands on agricultural wood projects that can be visited and discussed with practitioners on the ground.

    On behalf of a German private bank Lignovis developed cooperation networks and financial modelling for timber investments in the Southeastern United States (2012-2016).

    Our mission:

    Implementation of sustainable value chains, based on fast growing trees, for our future CO2-neutral society



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