3,500 ha of fast growing plantations have been established by Lignovis experts in eight EU-countries until 2019. Our projects comprises small energy wood plantations for farmers as well as large scale wood production for biomass supply of heat & power plants and industrial use, such as particle board production.

    Among our clients for consultancy services are financial insitutes with focus on international forestry investments and renewable energies, biomass technology companies as well as utilities and international development projects.

    A selection of our projects & clients are listed below:

    Lignovis is working as a specialised SRC service provider in a long term cooperation agreement for Energy Crops GmbH – a subsidiary of Vattenfall.

    In cooperation with local farmers, Energy Crops GmbH cultivates roughly 2,000 ha of fast growing poplar plantations to produce sustainable wood fuel for a 5 MWel CHP plant in Berlin. To address the farmer’s individual needs, Energy Crops offers different contract options for cooperation.

    Lignovis establishes poplar plantations on behalf of Energy Crops with proprietary machinery and high quality planting material from our nurseries. Further, Lignovis provides machinery for weed control.

    For more information, please visit the Energy Crops Website… 

    On behalf of the Willow distributor Salix Energi Europe AB Lignovis establishes SRC plantations for Klasmann-Deilmann in Lithuania every year since 2012. The willow plantations are partly grown fields previously used for peat production. Klasmann-Deilmann will use the wood to sustainably meet the own fuel demand and will explore further fields of application (e.g. for substrate production).

    Since 2013 Lignovis uses 2-row as well as optimized 4-row Step Planter machines from own production for establishing fast growing willow plantations in Lithuania. 

    Between 2009 and 2012 Lignovis experts established and managed 230 ha of SRC plantations under EU funded OPFTUEL project. In 5 regions in Germany and Poland more than 40 different tree varieties have been tested. Also various planting, management and harvesting techniques have been applied.

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    Planting for Energy Crops
    Poplar plantation of Energy Crops
    OPTFUEL fields