Feedstock supply strategies & Consultancy services

    Whether local biomass sourcing from underutilized residue streams, sustainability concepts or international supply strategies - Lignovis offers tailor-made consultancy services for bioenergy and other wood based industries.

    The core expertise and capabilities of Lignovis includes:

    • Analysis of global and regional biomass potentials (including lignocellulosic wastes and residues) – differentiated on qualities, sustainability, accessibility, price, logistical issues etc.
    • Market developments in the bioenergy sector, including analysis of industry structures
    • Development of sustainable feedstock supply concepts with wood raw materials (residues, forestry, plantations etc)
    • Political framework conditions in the EU and Germany and their implications on developments in the bioenergy sector
    • Assessment and detailed calculation of CO2-reduction and climate benefits of different biomass feedstock value chains based on LCA (life cycle assessements)
    • Sustainability certification and best practice sustainability principles in respect to biomass production and utilization

    For the actual implementation of developed concepts and sourcing of identified biomass potentials, Lignovis is separately offering respective services.