Agroforestry & Short Rotation Plantations- Plantation Management

    To establish a successful agroforestry system or plantation project with fast growing trees, a diligent management of the crop, especially in the year of planting, is essential.

    Besides fostering the growth potential of the trees through professional competition control, the economy of a plantation can further be optimized by well adapted harvesting and wood chips logistic chains.

    Short rotation coppice - weed control

    Especially in the first months after planting an effective regulation of weeds is required to facilitate the growth head start of the young trees. If weed control is executed consequently in the first year, canopy closure can usually be achieved after two years of growth (depending on variety and row distance), resulting in a commencing natural weed regulation.

    To support SRC plantation owners, Lignovis offers to design and execute the optimal weed control measurements for each individual project.

    Lignovis own and operates different kinds of special machinery for mechanical weed control as well as for efficient herbicide application.


    • Development of suitable weed control strategies
    • Monitoring of SRC fields
    • Consulting on weed control measures
    • Weed control with own rotor-tiller, tooth cultivator etc.
    • Weed control with own shielded spraying system for safe and efficient herbicide application

    Short rotation coppice - Harvesting and wood chips logistic

    There are various harvesting methods for short rotation coppice plantations and diverse supply chains for wood chips. The design of the harvesting/logistic chain should be cost optimized while keeping the product quality requirements of the customers in mind.

    Lignovis offers professional support in developing individual harvesting, logistic, storage, pre-treatment and wood chips marketing concepts, based on more than 10 years of SRC experience.


    • Concept development and implementation of individual SRC harvesting/logistics chains
    • Identification and development of regional market opportunities (energy and product markets)
    • Coordination of harvesting activities and marketing of wood chips