Hyprid-Poplar Cuttings and Willow Planting Material

    Lignovis produces hybrid-poplar planting material in accordance to the German "Forestry Seed Act" and the EU Directive 1999/105/EC at nursery sites in the Federal States of Saxony and Brandenburg.

    Willow planting material is supplied in cooperation with SalixEnergi Europa AB.

    Usually Lignovis offers tailor made and cost efficient full service packages containing planting material, mechanical planting services and advice.

    Planting material can also be delivered separately according to your project specifications. For small SRC projects Lignovis offers poplar and willow cuttings as well as poplar rods through our webshop: www.lignoplant.com

    For the 2018 planting season poplar planting material of the following hybrid-poplar varieties is available: 

    • Max 1, Max 3, Max 4 (P. maximowiczii x P. nigra)
    • Hybrid 275 / NE42/ O.P. 42 (P. maximowiczii x P. trichocarpa)
    • Matrix 11, Matrix 24, Matrix 49 (P. maximowiczii x P. trichocarpa)
    • FastWOOD 1, FastWOOD 2 (P. maximowiczii x P. trichocarpa)

    We could offer other varieties on request.

    Willow planting material of the following varieties could be supplied as rods and cuttings:

    • Inger
    • Tordis
    • Sven
    • Tora
    • Klara

    We could offer other varieties on request.

    Poplar varietes for short and long term rotation plantations

    Based on Lignovis own multi-year trials of more than 30 poplar clones, three variety groups proved to be particularly profitable and healthy. Max and Matrix varieties as well as Hybride 275 ensure the best efficiency in our experience. Hence, we highly recommend their utilisation in commercial short-rotation plantations in Germany and Central Europe.

    Willow varieties for short rotation plantations

    As a licensed reseller of Salixenergi Europe AB Lignovis offers high yielding willow varieties bred by Lanntmännen SW Seed. Based on our experiences of Lignovis own plantations, we recommend the varieties Tora, Tordis and Inger for short rotation plantations in Central Europe.

    The willow planting material is produced by Salix Energi Europe AB in Germany and will be stored chilled until delivery.

    Cuttings and rods in various dimensions

    Lignovis offers poplars and willows as unrooted rods and cuttings according to the customer’s requirements. This ranges from 20 cm long cuttings for cutting planting machines (e.g. Ferri Rotor Planter) to 230 cm long rods for rod planting machines (e.g. Step Planter or Egedal Energy Planter) or poplar rods with increased diameter for manual planting.

    Poplar rods
    Poplar cuttings
    Willow rods

    Webshop for planting material

    Customers based in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and Sweden could order planting material on our Webshop www.lignoplant.com We look forward seeing you at:


    Please call us: +49 40-18086953

    or write an email: info[at]lignovis.com

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