Planting of Agroforestry Systems & Short Rotation Plantations

    Until 2019 Lignovis planted roughly 3.500 ha in 8 EU countries for clients such as IKEA, Vattenfall, Klasmann-Deilmann, Dalkia. For each project we are utilizing the best suitable technology and are continuously optimizing our planting machines.

    Lignovis operates 10 planting machines for cost efficient establishment of poplar plantations and willow plantations:

    • 3 x LignoPlanter-C (3 single rows)
    • 2 x Step-Planter (3 single rows or 2 double rows)
    • 1 x Step-Planter (2 single rows or 1 double row)
    • 1 x Rotor-planter (2 single rows)
    • 3 x rod planting machines (LignoPlanter-R) for planting of middle and long rotation poplar plantations (low densities per ha with planting depth of ~60cm)

    For poplar plantations with high and medium densities it is recommended to use the very precise and flexible "LignoPlanter-C" cutting-planting machines.

    For willow SRC projects with high planting densities Lignovis proposes utilization of the Step-Planter technology. Based on the established and proven machines for willow planting, Lignovis experts have been adapting and further optimizing the Step-Planter technology since 2012. The Step-Planter is considered as the most efficient technology when it comes to optimization of planting time and costs.

    Our poplar pole planting machines are used for SRF projects with low planting density (1,300 - 4,000 poplar rods per ha) under difficult site conditions with a planting depth of up to 70 cm (depending on soil conditions).

    By applying different kinds of planting technology, Lignovis makes sure to use the most suitable technology for each individual plantation project.


    • Consulting on planting layout and variety selection
    • Delivery of high quality planting material
    • Planting of willow and poplar plantation
    • Manual planting of rooted planting material (e.g. robinia or alder)

    If you are planning to establish a plantation or building up a dedicated biomass supply chain, please contact us. Lignovis offers cost efficient and individual solutions for energy wood production.

    If you are planning to establish your energy wood plantations all by yourself, you might find the information on our Webshop site usefull:

    "Rotor-Planter" planting machine

    The Rotor-Planter is a former Italian development, which has been tested and proven for poplar planting for several years now. 20 to 35 cm long cuttings are pushed into the soil by slow moving pestles. This results in a particularly uniform and precise planting. Due to the lower speed and the higher specific costs for planting material production and allocation, the establishment of a SRC-plantation with the Rotor-Planter comes with slightly higher costs compared the Step-Planter.

    The rotor planter is also particularly suitable for planting wood plantations in medium rotations (about 4,000 poplar trees / ha). Here, we recommend the utilisation of the longer cuttings.

    "Step-Planter" planting machine

    The Step-Planter technology has been developed 30 years ago in Sweden. Since then, it has been successfully applied for willow planting all over Northern Europe and was continuously optimized. In 2012, Lignovis has built the first own machine based on the Swedish concept, applying some additional optimizations and higher quality materials.

    The Lignovis Step-Planter is highly flexible and efficient. It either plants 3 single rows with a row distance of up to 2.50 m or 2 double rows (4 rows) in one pass. The distance within the rows is variable. This allows to align the planting layout exactly to the customer’s needs.

    Willow as well as poplar plantations can be planted with the same machine at a high speed and quality. Compared to cutting planting machines, which use pre-prepared 20 cm long cuttings as planting material, the Step Planter is fed with whole rods, which are app. 1.50 to 2.30 m long. The rods are automatically cut into 20 cm cuttings within the machine which are then firmly pushed into the ground by a fast moving pestle. The Lignovis Step-Planter is working at a speed of about 2 cuttings per second with each unit, resulting in up to 8 cuttings per second for the whole machine. 

    Generally the Step-Planter is working much faster than other planting machines. The precission of a Step-Planter is a bit lower than planting with pre-prepared cuttings, but for plantations planted at a density of about 10,000 cuttings per ha or higher, the Step-Planters precission is normally fully sufficient. 

    Step-Planter Video

    LignoPlanter-C Video

    Poplar-rods planting machine

    Planting machines for poplar rods (poles) of 1 - 2 m length are used to establish poplar plantations with a midle or long rotation cycles (6 - 12 years). Usually a planting density of 1,300 - 4,000 rods per ha is applied.

    Rods are planted 50 - 70 cm deep (depending on soil conditions) with a good soil recompaction during the planting process. Due to the deep ripper, prior compaction in the subsoil are broken up, which facilitates the root growth.

    Video - Rutenpflanzung / Poplar rods planting