Fast growing tree plantations - a sustainable feedstock source

    Tree plantations with fast growing species contribute to cost efficient climate protection, multiple environmental benefits and a resource efficient, profitable agriculture.

    Until 2018 Lignovis has planted roughly 21 million poplars and willows for clients and on own plantations. The produced wood is utilized as renewable energy source for heat & power as well as raw material in the wood processing industry.

    Lignovis offers the full range of services for high yielding SRF/SRC (short rotation forestry/coppice) projects in Europe - from consultancy to turnkey project implementation:

    • Concept and strategy for cost optimized and environmentally beneficial poplar and willow plantations
    • Supply of certified and high yielding planting material from own nurseries
    • Establishment and management of fast growing plantations with own machinery (incl. site preparation)
    • Turnkey implementation of optimized plantation projects for farmers, energy wood users & investors
    • Design and implementation of long-term sourcing strategies for bioenergy projects and the wood-consuming industry

    Based on multy year practial experience with surcing of different lignocellulosic feedstocks including a wide range of waste materials for bio-refinery projects, Lignovis offers tailor made biomass consultancy services including R&D project participation, LCA's and sustainablity concepts.

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    Short rotation coppice / short rotation forestry

    Fast growing tree plantations provide high yields at moderate input levels. Additionally, they offer various environmental advantages over annual energy crops (canola, maize, etc.) and an excellent greenhouse gas balance. Fast growing poplar and willow plantations are enabling a safe, rapid and cost-efficient production of large volumes of energy wood in proximity to the wood consuming facility.

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    Lignovis designs and implements short rotation plantation projects for farmers, investors and industrial biomass consumers in Europe. Additionally, Lignovis develops forestry investment opportunities in the USA for institutional investors on behalf of a client from the finance sector.

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    Bioenergy & sustainability

    In the EU-27, 49% of all renewable energy is based on wood (Eurostat 2012). Beyond that, the demand for fuel wood will double within the next 10 years. Especially in the heating sector, there are no noteworthy renewable alternatives to wood.Traditional wood potentials are, however, already largely developed and utilised. Basically, there are only two options to meet the growing European demand for sustainable energy wood:

    • The utilisation of agricultural land for energy wood production, e.g. with short rotation plantations
    • The import of energy wood from surplus areas, also in this case wood plantations play a key role in a sustainable and efficient biomass productions

    On top, energy wood plantations come with a significantly higher climate protection potential compared to traditional energy crops, such rapeseed for biodiesel or maize for biogas.

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